He said: I be playing again; I really hurt my shoulder but I don want to miss it. I never hailed a ball before but now I got one I rather see a friend or someone else get it on Saturday. I slept with the ball on Tuesday night. MORE RAIDERS NEWS “They lose that motivation. When you not playing footy everyone knows your training is a lot harder so they get topped up in terms of fitness and what not,” Oldfield said. “It going to feel like a year long pre season for them.

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Canada Goose Jackets Mr Rutherford said Swissport was the second largest employer of ground staff at the Canberra Airport and was running at almost 100 per cent revenue loss. Following Canberra Airport two day closure from April 15, the terminal has since reopened with limited flights to Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle. Mr Rutherford said despite the disruption, the business still carried the majority of costs required to provide direction on the ground for 150 flights from Canberra Canada Goose Jackets.