• Claven Group Ltd
  • Swan Court
  • Lamport
  • Northamptonshire
  • NN6 9EZ
  • 11053927
  • Tel: 01604210400
  • business@clavengroup.co.uk

Our Values

We understand that our role is to represent our clients in a professional way whilst providing unrivalled levels of service to their customers. We believe all good relationships work through good communication and we aim to ensure that communication between our clients and their customers is restored or enhanced. 

We are acutely aware that every member of our network is a representative of both us and our clients. This is why we have in place the most stringent engagement and retention processes for each of our field agents and our Head Office team members.

We insist they hold true to our values of being:

  • Fair
  • Flexible
  • Customer Focused
  • Professional
  • Personable
  • Non-judgmental
  • Ethical

Protect your brand, help your customers, improve your results - it's your call.