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  • Swan Court
  • Lamport
  • Northamptonshire
  • NN6 9EZ
  • 11053927
  • Tel: 01604210400
  • business@clavengroup.co.uk

Our Technology

Our technology is ours; we designed it, we built it and we continue to develop it. As a result nobody else has it and it is at the heart of everything we do!

All of your contact with our group can be managed through this secure, compliant and state of the art part of our business. However, we appreciate that some of our clients may want to get a little more personal with us and we are flexible enough to accommodate that as well if required.

Our use of technology makes us  the most efficient business  in the sector and also the most environmentally friendly. An independent report on our operating system shows it is 450% “greener” than the traditional operating model in the sector.

Our core operating platform is our AEGIS management system; it is the heart of our business. Not only does the system enable us to move from instruction to visit in a secure and rapid way, it also gives us and our clients real time data on performance. Naturally, it can be used on mobile devices when necessary.

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